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Autism Support

Have you been diagnosed or suspect you might be on the Autism spectrum?

Do you feel like everyone is speaking some unknown social language you just don’t get? 

Are friendships, dating, and other relationships difficult to navigate? 

Have you had issues with friends, partners, or employers and not sure what you could be doing differently? 

Hands Up

I have been working with autistic individuals for over a decade.  Through my experiences working as therapist, parent coach, and educator in the field of autism, I have recognized a huge need to work with autistic teens and adults who often “fall through the cracks” when it comes to services and support.  I often work with individuals who others would describe as “not being obviously autistic” and although this leads to them having independent lives, they can often have many interpersonal and relationship difficulties leading to anxiety, depression, and social anxiety. 

I am a neurodiversity affirming therapist, meaning that I view autism as a neurological difference that is naturally occurring variant in human neurology.  In our work we will work on social skills and perspective taking that will be helpful for you to better understand neurotypicals to help you reach your goals. However, because autism is a neurological difference most of our work will be focused you on better understanding your own experience, feelings, needs, and communication strategies to support you in navigating a world that is biased towards the neurotypical experience.

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